About Us
10 Years of Quality Service in the Dexter/Ann Arbor Area!
Anthony's Asphalt, LLC is a fully insured, owner operated, locally owned company - specializing in asphalt maintenance and repair. Residing in Dexter, we are your neighbor and care deeply about the quality of service you receive.

Ten years ago we set out to make a difference in the local asphalt maintenance field. We enacted the morals we had cultivated in the corporate work place with the intention of replenishing trust, reliability and quality to the asphalt maintenance needs of our area. Our focus on ‘always do the right thing’ lead to our growth. Now, years later we are anchored in knowing that there is a better way and we are continuously striving to find it. Every year we seek professional development and stay up to date with local municipal changes as well as new industry practices. As with any modern industry, asphalt maintenance is ever changing. 

"We are very happy with Anthony's Asphalt Engineering. We have a long driveway and want it maintained right. We turned the job over to Anthony's and they have been great at making sure the driveway is taken care of. We recommend them highly." 

John King- Ann Arbor, MI.