"Stephanie is great to work with. She kept in touch with me during our roads sealing project and was great when rescheduling for rain. The crew was even considerate when a neighbor needed their driveway for a home repair crew to come in. Several of us got our driveways done at the same time. We will hire them again."
Let us help your community by saving your roadway budget dollars!The most effective way of maximizing your road maintenance funds is by extending the life of your pavement with proven maintenance treatments. While economic our services also beautify and improve the safety of travel for drivers, pets and pedestrians.​
  1. Asphalt Repair
    Asphalt Repair
    From sunken areas to trip hazards, correcting an issue in your driveway or commercial surface only takes one call. We offer both removal/replace repair or overlay repair techniques. Since every problem is unique to its location we can custom fit a solution to meet your needs.
  2. Sealcoating
    We are proud to be COAL TAR FREE!! Our sealer includes a unique blend of rubberized components and sand additives which will safely and properly seal and protect your asphalt surface. Our modified sealer creates a strong bond containing a high level of solid material.
  3. Crack Sealing
    Crack Sealing
    Once a crack has developed in the asphalt, it is critical that it be sealed to prevent water from getting down into the sub-base. A minor crack will widen and deepen over time. We use top grade rubberized fillers to ensure a good seal. Cracks should be maintained as often as recommended to prevent expansion and more costly repairs.